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At Med City International hospital Islamabad you will find your best urologist in Islamabad, we give our patients the best experience possible by focusing on our best innovative treatments, professional service and successful results. Our highly experienced medical professionals work within our own state-of-the-art facilities where we make sure that our patients feel comfortable and valued. Our highest priority is our patients and we pride ourselves on offering professional care and service.

In most of the cases, when a general physician refers patient to the urologist, it may be due to an extremely difficult condition such as overactive bladder, kidney stones, pelvic organ prolapse or even prostate cancer. When you face such situations, the last thing you want to have to worry about is not having the best urologist you can trust or having the urologist who isn’t concerned about your needs as a patient.

Med City International hospital Islamabads offer exceptional care and urology service to both women and men. We are able to treat a number of conditions, and we offer different advanced urological treatments. We also make sure that our patients understand their medical conditions and the best available options before they make any decisions regarding their treatment.

What is urology?

Urology supports diseases of the urinary system of women and men (bladder, ureter, and urethra). It also covers the male reproductive and reproductive system (prostate, penis, testicles).

When to see the urologist

It is recommended to first make an appointment with the general physician or directly with the urologist. Your GP can also direct towards a consultation with an urologist during:

  • repeated urinary tract infections,
  • urinary leakage,
  • traces of blood in the urine,
  • pain in the testicles
  • Prostate dysfunction or erectile dysfunction: intimate conditions that patients can open to this specialist without taboos.

What does a best urologist surgeon care for?

The urologist treats multiple conditions related to the urinary system: urinary retention or incontinence,

Infections, injury, defects, cancers of the urinary tract etc…

The urologist also treats male infertility, erection and ejaculation disorders, testicular cancer, prostate cancer … If he can take care of pathologies without surgery (renal colic leading to kidney stones in particular), many diseases of this specialty are treated surgically.

Best urologist surgeon: what should he have?

As you will see below, training and experience are very important factors to highlight, but so are other qualities that have to do with the most humane face of your surgeon.

Professional factors

Experience: although there are great surgeons who are since they leave the faculty, the truth is that experience is an important quality to be taken into account. An experienced urologist surgeon will not only know how to act during an intervention, but he will know how to deal with the different circumstances that may arise in the operating room.

Qualification: nowadays it is quite easy to know the trajectory and the qualifications of almost any professional. In the case of urological surgeons, an Internet search can tell us about the professional qualifications obtained, something that will give us confidence and tranquility, without a doubt.

Recognition: medical specialists are usually a relatively small community that often attends conferences and meetings to share experiences and evaluate new techniques. A good urologist surgeon is usually a speaker or intervene in this type of meeting both to update their knowledge and to discover the latest advances.

Technique: science is in permanent progress and, especially, what has to do with the medical part. Data, studies and, often, new techniques come to light every day. In our team there are also specialists in laparoscopy. In this way, urologist surgeon can choose which technique is best suited to the needs of each patient. In this sense, we must not forget that, beyond the techniques, surgeons are the ones who apply their experience and knowledge. Therefore, do not be impressed by technology, but it is very important to consider who is driving it.

How are diagnosis and surgeries in urology?

To make a diagnosis, the urologist questions his patient about his symptoms and his medical and family history before conducting a clinical examination and, depending on the disorders, a perineal examination and / or digital rectal examination. He can also prescribe complementary examinations: ECBU (cytobacteriological examination of the urine), echography, endoscopy, radiography, urodynamic assessment, cystoscopy, etc. Based on today less invasive techniques (laparoscopy, ultrasound, hyperthermia, laser …) thanks to innovative equipment present in Med City hospitals, surgery in urology has progressed a lot in recent years, and interventions are more in addition often performed in ambulatory.

Do you often have pain when you urinate? This symptom is already a sign of dysfunction in your urinary system. You must quickly find an urologist near you, to prescribe the appropriate treatment to ensure your recovery.

While your general practitioner has everything you need for your treatment, nothing beats an urologist when it comes to a health problem in the urinary system, but also when this is the reproductive system, if you are a man. The urologist, who has received specialized training in the field of urology, will be able to detect the real source of your problem and will thus be able to offer you the appropriate treatment or surgery to perform, if it seems necessary.

Do not wait to find an urologist to help you get rid of the trouble you have. Indeed, even if the symptoms may seem insignificant, complications can occur within a few days, hence the need to consult an urologist to take care of you.

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