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Our pediatric surgeons at Med City International hospital Islamabad offer Best Pediatric Surgery in Islamabad and leading-edge treatments for babies newly born, infants, children and teens. Our surgeons are specially trained and experienced in the surgical care of kids.

At Med City, we want kids to heal quickly. Our pediatric surgeons perform the latest minimally-invasive surgeries including laparoscopy, thoracoscopy and single incision. This approach shortens healing time and lessens the pain and discomfort of surgery for children.

What is pediatrics?

Pediatrics is a medical specialty devoted to the child, from intrauterine life (in connection with obstetrics) to the end of adolescence. By focusing on nutrition and following the growth and evolution of the child, pediatrics plays an important role in prevention and detection, and focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases that can affect their health. . Today, the pediatrician, who often works in a network with other health professionals, education and social workers, is a key player in its development.

What does a pediatrician do?

General practitioner of the child, the pediatrician watches over his health, the good progress of his growth and his development, physical and mental. He is a privileged interlocutor of parents and advises them on nutrition, sleep, and hygiene and accident prevention. It is also responsible for the early detection of certain diseases and the monitoring of vaccination. If the child exhibits symptoms of illness, he asks if possible about his condition, conducts a clinical examination, and prescribes additional tests (blood tests, urine, ultrasound, etc.), to determine the treatment adapted to the clinical context and its age.

If possible, the pediatric surgeon establishes a relationship of trust with his young patient as well as with his parents: the impact of anxieties, fears, loss of bearings, pain, etc. on infantile conditions is proven.
With the help of the entire surgical team and other specialists following the child, and especially the pediatrician, he determines the methods of exploration (imaging, biopsy …), intervention and follow-up. Whether the consequences of premature birth, an accident, a congenital malformation or diagnosed in adolescence, scoliosis type, the goal of any pediatric surgeon is to fight against the pain of child and allow him to return home as soon as possible.

When to see a pediatrician?

In early childhood, where rapid growth weakens the body, consultations with the pediatrician, reimbursed by social security, meet a mandatory timetable: monthly up to 6 months, quarterly up to 1 year, three times a year up to 2 years, twice a year up to 6 years … The pediatrician then measures the height and weight of the child, check its motor and sensory development, vision and hearing, and proceed to vaccination. In all cases, if the child has signs or symptoms of diseases, infantile or other, do not hesitate to consult: the pediatrician provides care, even to refer to other specialists according to the organ concerned if it deems it necessary. As for pediatric emergencies, a consultation can be justified in case of significant fever, with signs of convulsions, unexplained significant pain, symptoms of respiratory disorders (bronchiolitis in the baby, persistent asthma attacks …), persistent diarrhea and vomiting etc. Depending on their severity, falls, burns or bruises also require consultation in pediatric emergencies.

How to choose a pediatrician?

If choosing a pediatrician depends on parents criteria (gender, age, or not attached to a health facility, children’s hospital, children’s hospital, etc.), it is important to ensure its availability. Word of mouth, information from his GP or pharmacist …: the sources to identify the pediatrician meeting everyone’s expectations are not lacking. The generalist can also sometimes very well assume this role, if he accepts it.

The specialty of infant surgery being little represented in France, it is more appropriate to choose the most appropriate site: a large multidisciplinary hospital center, with pediatrics, infant anesthesia, neonatal and pediatric intensive care … or an institution dedicated specifically to the pathologies of the child. The techniques of anesthesia practiced the reception of parents in adapted rooms, Outpatient surgery, follow-up care in day hospital, etc. are also among the criteria sought.

What is pediatric surgery?

The pediatric surgery or pediatric focuses on the surgical treatment of children diseases, from the fetal period to adolescence (0-18 years). This specialty has two over- Specializations:

  • Pediatric visceral surgery,
  • Pediatric orthopedic surgery,

It is distinguished by a specific operating procedure (instruments of appropriate size, restricted operative field …) and an essential control of the morphological and physiological process of growth.

Infantile surgery: what are the risks?

Infantile surgery is a very characteristic treatment. Thus, anesthesia is rigorously adapted to each child (dosage and technique) and the preoperative consultation is a particularly important time. The risks of allergy, haemorrhage, infections are the same as for adult surgery, but their effects may be more severe, hence the need for more monitoring and a very rapid response.

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