Medical & Surgical Specialties

Medicine and Allied specialties endeavors to improve the quality of care provided to its patients. Every department has contributed towards the development of services that seek to improve disease detection, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.

Patients are received in the Outpatient Clinics and Emergency Department, where their medical needs are promptly and thoroughly addressed, with patients who require further care admitted and managed through in-hospital care management. Top-quality care is provided through highly qualified consultants who have extensive national and international experience in their respective fields. Emergency care teams in the form of Code Blue Team and Rapid Response Team have saved countless lives of patients who are suspected at risk of cardiopulmonary arrest.

Consultants in all Medicine and Allied departments have heavily invested their time and resources in developing and providing challenging and structured training programs. The aim is to provide the best possible training to physicians so they may be able to achieve their post-graduate qualifications

Plastic Surgery

Cardiac Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery



ENT Specialist

General Surgery


Endocrinology & Diabetes

Executive Health Clinics

Emergency Services

Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Infectious Diseases

Internal Medicine


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